Your Fate in a Ball

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This is a mock/toy crystal ball app. The paid version lets users create custom answers and records past answers.


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  • Note: The Simple version is a minimalistic version without as many features.

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Details & Requirements

    • Download Size: 83 KB
    • No Permissions Required
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.2 ()
    • Requires Mono
    • On Linux OSs that have Mono pre-installed you may need to reinstall Mono from to get WinForms support.
    • On Mac the app must be ran with "mono32" not "mono", because it uses WinForms.
    • Download Size: 35 KB
    • Release:
    • Version: ()
    • .NET Framework 2 or newer
    • Download Size: 55 KB
    • Release:
    • Version: ()