Privacy Policy

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Google Website Servers is hosted by Google Cloud. They will collect your IP address, so they can send you the data off the server. Your web browser will also send info such as referring urls and system specifications to Google Cloud. Google keeps a log of this info and other connection statistics. I typically use the logs to prevent connection errors. does not use any third party services to track user behavior. To opt-out do not connect to

Google’s privacy policy:

External Links, my software, and my games sometimes have links to third party websites. I do not have control over third party websites, and I am not responsible for what these third party websites do. It’s up to you to select these links. All external links on tell your web browser to not send the referring url to the external website.

Contacting Me

If you decide to contact me through email, mail, or phone, I may keep a copy of your contact info, name, and messages to me. I will not sell any of your personal data. After that I may contact you back. The communications will go throw third party email, phone, and other service providers I use. Records of the communications may be kept by me and these service providers. To opt-out do not contact me with email, mail, or phone.

Online Game Services

Some of my games feature online leaderboards, multiplayer, and other services. These services are ran by third parties. You will be given the option to log in to an account to use these services. Account sign in info, your IP address, in game activities, and player generated content may be collected by these services. This info is collected to improve your enjoyment of the game. Your in game activities may be posted publicly. How to delete this info depends on the third party, and I have no control over it. To opt-out do not sign in to these online services.


I use a variety of standard technologies and techniques to improve the security of the data I collect from you. Any data I collect from you will be recorded for the amount of time that I think is reasonable or the amount of time required by law. I may share data collected from you if I’m obligated to by law or to protect my rights or property.