These are some of my best drawings to date. I enjoy drawing pictures of animals, fictional creatures, landscapes, and hero characters. I drew a lot as a kid, but I don't do it often anymore.

portrait drawing of Kylee's Friend's cat named Smokey with a backpack color portrait drawing of white pig outside color portrait drawing of chicken in grass. color portrait drawing of Australian shepherd dog named Fenton. portrait of a cow drawing portrait of my pet dog, Paco sleeping on the coach. two striped kitties drawing portrait of two jersey cows drawing portrait of a pony with a white spot on her nose drawing Red Nose Pitbull drawing a Ravon on the bust of Pallas Athena drawing RCW baseball cap and glove drawing portrait of Albert my bearded dragon drawing female warior drawing gorilla cowboy drawing futuristic soldier male warior drawing female warior with red hair drawing escaped convict walking drawing viking swinging a battle axe with cape drawing men with six pistols, a flat top hair cut, and a cigar drawing


These are a few of my favorite photographs I've taken. I became interested in photography when I was a pre-teen, but I've since grown away from it. I still do try to take some photos from time to time.

cotton wood trees towering over cow pattern with sun making large shadow over field photo with lots of depth and leading lines edge of field with long grass and power lines and the sun rise Sep 2012 close up of Albert my dragon macro photo old rustic barn photo bird flying above with wings spead out photo three ducks swiming in a pond photo two Jersey cows looking three fencing photo Albert my bearded dragon sitting on a branch photo symmetrical photo of a road in the woods of northern Minnesota two red berries with green leaves in the background macro photo my cat sitting in the sun light with his shadow casted on the window curtain photo grass hopper on a cob of field corn macro photo three daisies macro photo with depth dandelion seeds with gress background macro photo farm outline on a sun set photo Minnesota Gladiolus murielae flower photo white and purple macro photo cat frolicking in the pasture photo white flowers on a tree photo green lilac leaf with a shadow covering part of it macro photo red maple leaves with depth and blue sky macro photo pond or swomp in the spring Minnesota symmetrical landscape photo rocky river with green threes southern Minnesota photo two chipmunks on a pile of wood northern Minnesota photo near sun set on red lake with clouds and cattails Minnesota photo vines on rustic metal hanger photo cabbage butterfly in the winder during winter macro photo a mushroom growing on the side of a tree macro photo Monarch butterfly in long grass macro photo


These are some of my best pieces from mediums I don't do very often or are used as assets in my video games.

Monarch caterpillar to butterfly cocoon animated gif 3d model of a rusty classic car painting of a squash man black and white woodlouse painting with corn and grass metal jaguar sculpture for RCW high school welded and braised together 3d models for a prototype game wood burn paneramic picture of a deer and a river symmetrical