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Rage Golf



Simply click on a place you want to bounce the golf ball and get it in the hole. The game was made for multiple game jams at the same time. The graphics are supposed to look old Atari style.

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Control the mythical villain, Sciron as he feeds his pet turtle, Tim. Sciron would ask passing travelers to help him get a thorn out of his foot, but then kick them of a cliff to Tim. Sciron isn't evil. He's a hero in Tim's point of view.

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Alien Pig Blaster



Shoot your way through the planet of the evil, flying, space pigs. The game was created for the Flappy Jam.

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Crazy Chaotic Chicken Chase



Play as a chicken being chased by a rhino. Destroy anything or anyone that gets in your way. It has an adventure mode with five levels and bosses and a survival mode with endless enemies and bosses.

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Rosy needs the Blue Ribbon



Rosy is a genius cow that can calculate the lengths of right triangles. Play as Rosy as she solves right triangles to get the blue ribbon! I made this simple game for a college assignement.

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Unfinished Games

These are my games that are not yet finished. You can play the ones that have links on Game Jolt.

Total Destruction: Zombie Apocalypse (85% complete)

Survive endless zombie attacks, unlock auto-turrets, collect different guns, play two-payer cooperatively, change the weather type, and free roam in varied maps. The game has gamepad support!

Woodlouse Rock Climbing (60% complete)

A 3d platforming game where you play as a woodlouse. There are multiple micro worlds to play in. You can use the level builder to make you own levels.

Who's Dunce (50% complete)

Play tag with up to six players. One player on keyboeard, one the mouse, and the rest on gamepads.

Earth versus the Universe (35% complete)

Save the world in this first person shooter. It will have singleplayer/co-op campaign, singleplayer/co-op survival, and bot/versus multiplayer. No WIP version has be released yet.

Total Destruction: Space Wars (5% complete)

Roscoe the Scruff Ball (40% complete)

Brutal Savior (10% complete)

Play as Jerry Rant in this futuristic side scrolling 3d shooter. It currently only as helf of the first mission complete, and it has a little extra stage at the end.

The Texas Assassin (10% complete)

Explore the map in this work in progress version of TAA. The game is not close to being complete, so all you can do is explore, try out some guns, ride horses, and enter some buildings. It has gamepad support.

Urban Conflict (25% complete)

A sandbox free-roam game where you play as a criminal on the loose. You can ride boats, and complete some side missions. It has gamepad support. In the finished version you will be able to play as a cop, convict, or criminal in three different game modes.

Turtle Pond (99% complete)

Deklyn: Savage Beast (70% complete)

Plans for 22 more games.

11 Work in Progress Games

Getting DRM-free Copies for Multiple Platforms

If you bought a game of mine from a store that doesn't provide you with copies for multiple platforms or a completely DRM-free copy, send me an email with an image of the receipt or order page. I'll try to get you access to copies on another store. The copies available on Game Jolt and are DRM-free and for multiple platforms.

DRM stands for Data Rights Management. It tries to stop people from making copies of digital content. DRMed content typically requires special software/hardware or connection to an online server to be accessed even though it technically shouldn't be required. DRM-free content doesn't do this.

In my opinion DRMs don't benefit content creators or the customer. They benefit the people making the DRM. Customers are forced to use special software/hardware/services made by the DRM vendor if they want access to the creator's content. The restrictions DRMs impose also make legitimate copies less appealing than pirated copies.