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You can keep track of multiple counters at once and organize them into "Counting Boards". Choose how much to count by ("step") and what to start at. Negative and non-whole numbers are supported. Numbers can be very large. You can also convert numbers to tallies (integers 1-99,999). There are various settings. The full version has a home screen widget and exclusive customization features.

Lite Version Features

  • Keep track of multiple counters on multiple counting boards
  • Convert numbers to tallies
  • Counter step size and starting point options
  • Option to use volume buttons to count
  • Export and import counters in settings menu

Extra Full Version Features

  • 5 theme choices: Auto, Dark, Light, Blackout, and Light Amber
  • Counter widget for your home screen
  • Change color of counters
  • Field to type in current counter steps


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  • Google Play Amazon Download for Android
  • Note: The Simple version is a minimalistic version without as many features.

    Download for Java Download for Mac Download for Mono Download for Windows

Details & Requirements

    • Download Size: 165 KB
    • No Permissions Required
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.1 ()
    • Works on Linux, Mac, and Windows
    • Download Size: 23 KB
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.1 ()
    • Tested on OS X 10.11 & 10.6
    • Processer: x86 or x64
    • Download Size: 114 KB
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.1 ()
    • Requires Mono
    • On Linux OSs that have Mono pre-installed you may need to reinstall Mono from to get WinForms support.
    • On Mac the app must be ran with "mono32" not "mono", because it uses WinForms.
    • Download Size: 62 KB
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.3 ()
    • .NET Framework 2 or newer
    • Download Size: 62 KB
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.3 ()