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Pick colors with RGB sliders, HSV sliders, or from images. It will output colors to multiple formats of RGB or HSV. It supports transparency (AKA alpha.) You can share, copy, or edit the outputted color. Paid Version Features: You can bookmark your colors. You can import/export your bookmarked colors. It has support for OpenIntents' Pick a Color intent. The app also lets you choose between a dark or light theme.


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  • Google Play Amazon Download for Android
  • Note that the Simple version is a minimalistic version without many features.

    Download for Mono Download for Windows

Details & Requirements

    • Size: 250-350 KB
    • No Permissions Required
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.2 ()
    • Requires Mono
    • On Linux OSs that have Mono pre-installed you may need to reinstall Mono from to get WinForms support.
    • On Mac the app must be ran with "mono32" not "mono", because it uses WinForms.
    • Size: 40 KB
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.1 (Initial Release)
    • .NET Framework 2 or newer
    • Size: 40 KB
    • Release:
    • Version: 1.1 ()